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This plate will bolt up to your OEM location with the installation of the widely known Walbro GSS342 In-tank Fuel Pump (255 LPH) or Deatchwerks DW series of similar Diameter. 


  • Plate and mount are fully anodized
  • Precisely CNC'd with 5 Axis 
  • Drop in Fit
  • Retain Your OEM 2 Pin Plug 
  • Customized to any AN fitting size  with a Male thread of M12X1.5



Full dimensions and installation notes can be found on our file share page under our Members page, you MUST be logged in or create an account to view:


The Bottom fuel pump mount was designed 0.5(mm) larger than common 39(mm) fuel pumps such as Walbro, DeatchWerks etc. You can adjust to smaller size up to 37(mm) with the adjustable set screws incorporate in the bottom mount. 


Hardware Included:

  • (2) Mini Fuel Line Clamps
  • (1) Threaded SS-304 Rod
  • (1) Fuel Pump Lower Mount
  • (4) Bolts for Fuel Sender
  • (3) M3 Cap Screws For Pump Mount
  • (1) Fuel Pump Plate 
  • (1) Fuel Plate Gasket 


Key Notes:

  • This plate does not have a return line. Some Early E30's did not have a retutn line on the fuel pump assembly. You will need to tap Fuel tank in another location or find a different route if your E3o is equipped with a return line.
  • All hardware included. No fittings AN included. 
  • Some triming of the fuel pump opening may be required to get AN fittings at correct angle. 
  • You can use AN to Barb Fittings as well. Not Reccomended. 
  • Due to Fuel Sender being about 10mm higher you might not always see full tank, but technically the tank will be full. Gauge needle may sit just under the full mark. 


E30 Fuel Pump Plate For Walbro GSS342 (255LPH) or Similar FP

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