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We have finalized the EQUUS check panel functionality and design, we will start taking in pre-orders. The kit features an LED digital display while keeping the 80-90s vintage look, which is what we were after. You have 3 settings to display. Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and Voltage. All these can be chosen with the toggle of the switch to the right of the display. Fits in the OEM E30/E28 check panel location. No cutting or trimming. Install your sensors and sending units, run your wires and go! The panel is completely designed in CAD for precise snug and tight fitment.


*Extra Wiring will be needed depending on the location of sensors*


The kit includes:

1. Custom ABS Check panel w/ slight textured finish 

2. Oil Pressure Sending Unit

3. Water Temperature Sensor

4. LED Display Panel

5. Miscellaneous Installation Components 

6. Installation Instructions

7. 1 Year Warranty

Note: You may need an M12x1.5 Male to 1/8NPT Female adapter for oil pressure sender. 

BMW E30/E28 Tangent EQUUS Check Panel

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