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This is a Coil on Plug (COP) bracket for the M42 BMW engine. This will let you install Ignition Coils Model: Bremi BMW 1748018 which come stock on various BMW models. This modification has proven to have the car run a lot smoother and it comes very handy when engine tuning and running an engine management system. The kit comes with:


  • COP Aluminum Bracket (Anodized)
  • M6 Hardware Kit (Bolts, Nuts, threaded rod)
  • Tangent Innovations Decal 


  • Please Note!! You will need to modify cylinder #1 coil. Some shaving is requitred the top mounting bolt hole so it wont hit the valve cover, very easy to do. You will also need to cut the threaded rod to length since customers may use different nuts to bolt the valve cover to the head. 


These have a 2 year warranty! 


BMW 318is M42 Coil On Plug Adapter Custom Anodized

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